Our Team

Ryan Norris
Project Coordinator

Ryan Norris joined the SCW team in 2017 as a Project Coordinator and Recruiter. Prior to joining SCW, Ryan spent more than 15 years as a sales consultant across a variety of industries. After personally experiencing the frustration of layoffs throughout his career, he decided to choose a new path. He strives to spend the rest of his career championing connections between high-level executive performers and clients. He gets personal satisfaction knowing that through his help, someone will not have to experience the same adversities he has overcome in other industries.

Ryan is an excellent communicator and a strategic thinker, always looking towards what the future may hold. He enjoys the challenge recruiting brings in finding the right person for each job. Ryan loves how, as a Recruiter, he can build relationships with people from all walks of life, from all over the country. Through his experience within a variety of industries, Ryan can tap into his unparalleled networking abilities that can open more doors, quickly, and effectively.