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Search Process

SCW Consulting offers comprehensive recruiting services. In the search process, we enter into a partnership with our client and candidates. Think of us as an extension of your company. We have exacting standards we follow in our search for the "perfect" candidate to fill your position. For a search to be successful we go through four stages of our search process which you will find below.

Obtaining a Job Order:

  • Obtain complete job order including how we can attract candidates from select companies. Define hiring process and level of urgency with all hiring authorities involved in the decision making process.
  • Obtain profile of ideal candidate, providing the option of personality profiling of client's top performing employees. This composite personality profile may be used for screening candidates.
  • Consult client on industry compensation standards.
  • Define the marketplace to include client's direct and indirect competitors. Determine additional companies that employ candidates with desirable skill sets. Compile list of desirable source companies and candidates. Review and revise this list with client.

Three Distinct Levels of Qualifying Candidates:

  • In-depth telephone interview with candidates to ascertain three things:
    1. Do they have most of the qualities you want or need?
    2. Are they are willing to work for you and your company?
    3. Are they willing to put in the work, time and travel needed to be an impact player for your company?
  • Present to client a short list of qualified candidates and gain pre-approval and feedback to move forward with candidate in the hiring process within 24 hours.
  • Submit resumes to client and discuss key qualification of these candidate(s).